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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco Commodore B14 (1994) - Starter Pulley

I have been using my Commodore B14 for over a year now and got it running nicely thanks to help from members on here.

Since last posting at some point last year I had to change the cylinder head gasket, the fuel tap and fuel line which was done carefully resulting in no known problems.

Typically I have been unable to use the mower for about 3 weeks now as the starter pulley assembly has broken. One day it decided not to recoil the starter rope back, so I opened the cover and lubricated it with some penetrating oil. This helped immensely but it was still sticking and I noticed that most of the time it wouldn't engage with the flywheel anyway. I then - regrettably - proceeded to take apart the pulley assembly to investigate. In doing so I broke the tiny split pin which held the unit together -- this included two washers, a spring, two metal pawls and a metal bar which engaged with the wings.

I've tried substituting the pin for a nail but there's too much movement and it still won't engage. I've been looking for 3 weeks for a replacement part and nothing comes up.

Any ideas on what to do now would be very much appreciated! If photos are needed I'll gladly upload.