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ATCO Royale B24 refurb Fuel tank replacement

Hi folks

I’m new to the club, having recently bought a Atco Royale off eBay in need of some refurbishment... I came across your website a number of times whilst searching for some how to instruction on WWW.

The machine was advertised as a non starter which I saw as a bit of a challenge more than anything else and picked it up quite inexpensively. However it’s turning out to be not quite as simple a challenge as I first thought...

Having got a spark after cleaning rust from the flywheel and coil, I was cleaning the carb when I noticed significant rust in the fuel tank... think it needs a new tank. Have emailed Paul at Mertens to see if he can assist..

Any other thoughts most gratefully received!



wristpin Tue, 10/09/2019

A new tank is a bit drastic for a bit of rust. What engine does your Royale have? ,  an image will help. There’s always the possibility that the rust was introduced from a rusty fuel can and is not actually rusty tank metal.  Anyway if a genuine rusty tank , remove it , add a handful of sharp gravel or nuts and bolts , a bit of diesel or kerosene , replace the cap and give it five minutes of energetic shaking. Then drain out the contents and give it a flush. Once you’ve removed all the loose rust , fill it with a citric acid solution and leave it for a few days. Citric acid powder may be bought from catering suppliers or that auction site.

I de-rust the inside of tanks by reverse electrolysis which is very effective but unless you are geared up for electrolytic rust removal from other components , probably not worth the bother.

McLuke71 Tue, 10/09/2019


Hi Wristpin

Its a Briggs and Stratton 5HP. Think it’s a 1999 motor. 135232-1036-E1. The problem is that there is a top reservoir in the tank which serves the carburettor and when I went to clean it of rust, it completely disintegrated... not just a case of rusty interior.

I think the part number is 694315. Shall see what Paul suggests tomorrow. Seems to be lots of these available in the US, but seems a bit extreme to be ordering one from over there. Not to mention expensive...


wristpin Tue, 10/09/2019

I see, a bad case of rot. Been standing with water in it for some time.  You should be able to pick up a decent used tank here in the UK . I found and fitted one complete with a carburettor, a year or so ago. - Wrong colour but no rust.

lm no expert when it comes to Facebook and social media but they do appear to be quite useful for “ wanted ads”.

EDIT I see that 694315 is still available new at £127.80 + vat !!

What about this?

£25 inc postage

McLuke71 Wed, 11/09/2019

That looks like it’s in a very similar condition to my tank. I can’t quite see from the pictures whether the top reservoir is intact. So have asked the seller to check it out for me. That would be an ideal solution. Seems to be a common failing in these tanks, the reviews of the sellers in the States talk about water damage too.

wristpin Wed, 11/09/2019

Private message sent with details of a man who might have what you need at a sensible price.