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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

atco Standard

After a short drive to Glastonbury, I was excited to drag my first Atco Standard from a tin shed that was sold with land to a young lad at an auction, amongst the bricks, blocks, two rotavators, logs and a lot of dust she stood, for how long?, who knows? but for a small fee she was mine.

The surface rust, dirt and bird dropping wasn't putting me off, after a gentle jetwash back in clevedon I could see what I was dealing with.

So, issues at a glance without taking things apart.

Chains, so tight, no movement in any direction, front rollers are sawdust, only middle rear roller moves, hand grips gone, throttle cable broken, grassbox knackered but handles for it are nice, 

And I don't care a jot, it's wonderful, to have glances from people on the street pointing to this mower on my trailer put a smile on my face, 

Ill add photos, if anyone can help with dating from number on flywheel, I would Appreciate it.












Chris G Sun, 17/02/2019

Lee that's great :-) will keep you busy for a while no doubt.

Sorry I can't help with the flywheel stamp / date - hopefully the informed will chip in?

Lee Smallwood Sun, 17/02/2019

No worries, probably could find out myself but being lazy.

It's on the list of to do's, always wanted a standard or HY in the collection as if you look in any mower history book or at a mower museum the standard is always mentioned in some way or the other. Hopefully I can find the diamond in the rough, I take it that's the right expression.