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Atco Standard in Australia

I have been watching this great site for a many years and decided to join up as a member recently because I found an Atco Standard in Australia after many years of searching. ( sometimes social media is good ) .

The machine was being used as a static display only, and the assembly of it left much to be desired.

The front engine mount was upside down ( raising the front of the fuel tank ).. The exhaust exited on the wrong side ( clashing with the crank handle )..The chassis spacers were all mixed around ( and a few made out of copper pipe ) so the engine sprocket and countershaft sprocket didn't line up.. The "foot" at the rear near the exhaust for resting the machine on was upside down.. The front Support Struts for the engine were upside down...etc etc etc

The Engine is a Villiers MkVI-C as it should be and turns freely but don't want to turn that too much before I dismantle it for inspection.....

I dont know about spark yet but those parts are still readily available.. The High Tension lead is badly perished

The fuel cap was missing but i had a spare from an Atco 14 inch 1948 lightweight

It doesn't have a chain gaurd but I'm sure that will be easy to fabricate with a little info about it and a few good photos of it.

This is how it was when it got it home

 16 inch Atco Standard in Australia

All in all I am pleased with what I have to start with but it needs a 100 % restoration because I want it to be a functional example of its type.... ( even if it is too shiny for a mower )

I have "a thousand " questions that I will have to work through and THAT is what brings me here... IF YOU WANT A LOAF OF BREAD .... GO TALK TO A BAKER...

So i guess the first question is .... can anyone confirm the placement of the chassis spacers and washers as i have them NOW.... It is a 16 inch machine

The view from the REAR

The view from the FRONT

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated

you can contact me here or at my facebook personal page CRAIG FIELD or My Facebook group page ATCO STANDARD LAWNMOWER

Thank you all in advance ... Craig

Clive1997 Thu, 07/06/2018

Hello Craig

Welcome to the forum & pleased you are now with us rather than watching us! Also thanks for your excellent post with clear requirements, I have a colleague who undertook numerous Atco Standard rebuilds including one for me, not sure if he views the forum, but will make contact as I know he would be able to help.

Be in touch soon.




Clive1997 Thu, 07/06/2018

Further to previous post, have emailed direct contact details of a member who can help.