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Ato rotary mower 21" - 1968 - Ducati points etc???

Hello All,

I have had an Atco rotary mower for a while now, and decided to get it going.  It has 'Ducati' written on the points cover and points housing.  The question is where can I get spares from?  I was going to change everything as a matter of course.  Also, where can I get a workshop manual for reference?


Please let me know.



wristpin Tue, 17/07/2018

Your machine probably has an Italian made Aspera, Tecnamotor or Tecumseh Europe engine, hence the Ducati points but they are freely available from aftermarket suppliers.

Other than the workshop manuals issued to the trade you will have to rely on sections from general mower manuals from Haynes  and other similar publishers. If you can find some engine numbers I will try to sort out something for you. An image or two posted on the forum will help.

Clive1997 Tue, 17/07/2018

Hello Laine

I have the manual 15 pages giving settings, diagrams etc plus I have separate parts list & an instruction book. 

Will email you direct.