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Atterton and Ellis Pilot repair

I have an old pilot cylinder grinder I use now and again
It needs a bit of a repair.
The boss that holds the grindstone needs a new steel key
that runs in the rotating shaft
I dont suppose anyone has ever repaired this or had it repaired
any advice would be greatly appreciated

hortimech Wed, 28/06/2017

Never used a pilot, but it is probably very similar to the one on a Dual, which I have used (extensively). I think you are referring to the 'tube' that the grindstone fits on to and you then screw a boss on to clamp the stone. The 'tube' has a key fitted inside, this fits into the slot along the rotating shaft across the grinder.

As far as I can remember, the 'key' was part of the tube and the official way of replacing the key was to replace the 'tube'.

If you cannot obtain a new component, you are either going to have try and repair it by welding a new key in (probably from above) or by finding someone who can do it for you.

steveteigh Wed, 12/07/2017

Hi sorry for late reply but holidays got in the way

I spoke to Atterton and Ellis to see if any parts are available

but all they supply now are belts and stones

i was wondering if the tubes were the same size as the dual machine

other than that it looks like a bit of welding might be needed