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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Barford & Perkins Godiva

I have recently acquired this very rare Godiva mower from another member of the club. It fits in nicely with my collection of mainly old push mowers and I think is in astonishingly good condition. I am aware the drive sprocket has been replaced at some point with a closed one as opposed to open, perhaps because of previous damage. Note the front roller height adjustment is at the top of the handle. These mowers were manufactured by Barford and Perkins in Peterborough Cambs during late 19th and early twentieth centuries. This is a 12inch version and I noticed a 16 inch version was sold recently. I cannot begin to tell you how heavy this mower is, so a 16 inch must be unbelievably weighty. Enjoy the photos.

Clive1997 Wed, 15/09/2021

Yes a lovely mower with the height regulator (Wansborough Patent 1902), The New Godiva with pressed steel sides made by Nene Engineering still used the adjuster in the early 1920's. Surprising we don't see more Godiva's as they had a 30yr+ run of production,