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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


I promised I would post something a bit special and different. Here is a Blackfriars side wheel mower I recently bought. As you can see from the markings on the wheels it was manufactured in Richmond Indiana USA. Initially upon asking other members the thought it was manufactured by Dilley & McGuire. However now the consensus of opinion is that it was made by Coldwell ( Gem ) in the early 1900's . The latest record I have found is 1907 where there is mention in a sales brochure. The mower I have has a 14 inch cutting cylinder. I will not be restoring this mower as I think it is fine as it is, just needs a sympathetic clean. Infact it is in remarkable condition especially when you look at the base plate. I especially like the blade spacers / brackets, they are so ornate. If anyone has more information about this mower I would be very grateful, thanks. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Will Fri, 23/04/2021

Very nice Sean, thanks for the photos!

I agree not to restore it, too many mowers such as that are painted, and all the original patina lost