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Briggs and Stratton 5hp piston rings

hi Folks,

i am restoring an old toro 58 professional with a 5hp Briggs as the power unit. The piston rings need replacing and I can’t seem to find any at a reasonable price. Does anyone know if there is an alternative about that will do the job.


wristpin Thu, 30/07/2020

Try Garden Hire Spares. Note that the 13 series 5hp came with either an aluminium Koolbore cylinder or the I/C version with a steel liner and you need the appropriate rings.

hortimech Thu, 30/07/2020

Probably a Koolbore unless someone has replaced the engine, but if you think the piston rings are expensive, I would give up now. If you have to buy any genuine Toro parts, they are expensive, for instance, last time I heard the traction belt was somewhere in the region of £55 plus vat.