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Briggs clockwork starter, how good were they?

I've had this one about 25 years, I plan to try it out on a more modern engine one day.


wristpin Sat, 02/01/2021

OK ish when the engine was in well maintained top condition but when the engine was a bit worn or out of adjustment they were not up to the job.

Briggs had another go at a self winding clockwork starter in conjunction with an Operator Presence Control and a blade brake with equally disastrous results. In the UK it was offered for just one season on  some MTD Yardman rotaries in the 90s.

hdtrust Sun, 03/01/2021

This is one idea which was not very good in practice,like Wristpin says,when warn or badly serviced,they had a nasty habit of spinning out,we use to call them suicide starters,nothing like fracturing a wrist!

Probably as bad as the idea of opening car doors outwards from the front as in suicide doors!

DJD Sun, 03/01/2021

Thanks both of you for your interesting replies, I have an American book by a Mr Dempsey who relates an incident or two where a customer has removed the broken spring and casing I think and slammed it down rather hard onto the spares shop counter, the imagination runs wild!