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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

A BSA fuel tank that I don't recall just what it fitted.

I must have had this for at least thirty years already, I got into the habit and picking up interestingly looking bits and pieces like this in my teens.

Top one is from a Howard rotavator I believe.

Grey one I'm not sure either.

But 'BSA power units' Antelope maybe? But most had a BSa sloper engine with integral tank, so maybe not. Anyone?

Mowing Wurzel Sat, 13/02/2021

Dear Sir,

The BSA fuel tank you have was mostly fitted to:-  

BSA Power Unit - 98cc Model BPL      &     BSA Power Unit- 120cc Model CPL

Equivalent in size to the Villiers MK10 & Mk12

These engines (Like their Villiers MK10 & MK12 contemporaries) were fitted to a multitude of applications in the mid. 50's to mid. 60's, e.g.  Sisis equipment, Pumps, generators,  Howard Rotovators (although would be painted orange like the  Villiers tank in your photo if fitted to a  Howard) 

Maroon being the default / factory finish for all  BSA Power Unit Engine tanks and cowlings of non designated application.(at this period)

Regarding designated application,  Naturally with the massive contract to supply Ransomes' with their  F12 "Sloper" engine, these all had blower casing and tanks factory finished in Ransomes' Green, so unlikely your tank was fitted to a Ransomes' Mower?


I'm sure experienced members may know if the  BSA   BPL & CPL engines were fitted to any mowers?!


wristpin Sun, 14/02/2021

Regarding designated application,  Naturally with the massive contract to supply Ransomes with their  F12 "Sloper" engine

Whether true or not, but I was once told that the reason that the F12 was wedge shaped was because Ransomes went to BSA with the spec for an engine of x horse power that would fit into a certain sized cube. The result, a compact mower with a low centre of gravity.