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Can anyone identify this Atco mower please

Atco mowerHi there,

i recently purchased this mower and I’d like to know what model it is if anyone can help me. I think it might be an Atco club 20” cut but there are no names / numbers on it anywhere that identify it.

Also if anyone has a manual they’d be willing to share with me I’d be most grateful.

thanks in advance


wristpin Wed, 27/02/2019

You’ve identified it correctly. Basically a Heavy Duty B20 with the multi bladed cutting cylinder, flatter bottom blade and plain rear roller ( not rubber covered) being the Club or fine turf specification.

If you want to date it, the Model, Type and Code Numbers on the Briggs and Stratton engine will be a starting point. Assuming, of course, that it hasn’t been re- engined. It looks in pretty good order.

I’ll try snd find you an illustrated parts list.

woollyhayles Thu, 28/02/2019

Thanks for the reply. It'll be great if you could find me a illustrated parts list. Thanks for your help. Most appreciated.

woollyhayles Sun, 03/03/2019

Hi there,

I don’t suppose you know how to remove the sprocket assembly from the end of the cutting cylinder on this mower?

Ive removed all the drive chains etc but there is something stopping the sprocket assembly sliding off the shaft?



wristpin Sun, 03/03/2019

So how many answers do you want?

I’ve answered your question in your other post.

woollyhayles Sun, 03/03/2019