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Can anyone identify this mower please ?

I recently acquired the mower shown on the right and I'm trying to identify it. There is a label on the back that states the provenance as being Atco-Qualcast and gives a model no as SPP 17S. There is a date of 1996 on the label. I understand that this model has a removable cassette.

I have looked around but can't find a match for the model number.

Can anyone help me with this ? Where would I be able to find manuals for this model ? Why is it red ?

Many thanks for any help offered.




wristpin Thu, 14/05/2015

Its a product of the Bosch lawnmower conglomerate that included Atco, Qualcast and Suffolk and would have been badged Suffolk. Red was the new Suffolk colour at the time.

It has a 17" (43cm) width of cut and as you have been told has a removable cassette cutting cylinder that could be replaced with a ten blade one for fine cutting or a raking/scarifying one for lawn maintenance. 

You will probably find manuals on line somewhere but if you are unable to find what you want I can scan and post  dealer parts lists and illustrations - no operator's manual though.

hedgelayer Thu, 14/05/2015

That's tremendous - thank you very much wristpin. SPP - ? Does that mean it's basically a petrol driven Suffolk Punch ? 


wristpin Thu, 14/05/2015

Never thought about it!

Super Punch Petrol?

Self Propelled  Punch?

Should add that if you need parts , Bosch sold off their Parts stock to the Gateshead Mower Centre and also some parts are common to the  Kensinton cylinder mowers manufactured by Allett which is basically the old Atco Balmoral. Bosch sold the Atco name to one company, GGP, and the manufacturing rights for the cylinder mower range to Allett.