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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Current market prices

I thought keen followers of the old lawnmower market might be interested in some results from the weekend. In no particular order :

Early mk.3 Ajax - not sold.

Vintage line marker - £2.00

Ransomes Automaton Minor 10" - £6.00

Ransomes Anglia - £6.00

Ransomes Patent Gear Automaton - £6.00

Dux Minor - not sold.

JP Super - not sold.

Suffolk Viceroy, early restored example - £35.00

Ransomes Ripper - not sold.

Atco aluminium grassbox, as a hanging basket - £18.00

Astor multi-blade trimmer - £22.00

Now bear in mind this was not a rag-tag casual affair on the village green but a professionally run, well promoted, regular bygones sale running to in excess of 1,000 lots and live on-line as well as in person ' in the room '.  All these machine were in at least seemingly reasonable, workable order. The inference based on these results might be that there is not so much interest in classic iconic old lawnmowers but it is the frivolous that sells. Take my advice and try not to get too carried away on that certain internet auction site - other sources are available.



Messorestore Mon, 20/09/2021

I think the subject of mower market prices is a complex one and one involving many factors and peoples circumstances. I agree with you Colin that there are bargains to be had. I mentioned not long ago that I managed to buy a rare chain Multum in Parvo with original box for little more than a purple bank note. I also agree that you have to be wary of sometimes high prices on a certain auction website. However it is a persons choice as to how much they pay. Occasionally a mower turns up that you need for your collection and it is often tempting to bid more than you want to complete a collection or add that special mower to your collection.  I can give you an example. I was the guy who paid an astronomical price for the 6inch Ransomes Chain Automaton Minor. When I saw this mower for sale I knew I had to have it irrespective of the price. It was a case of when would I ever see one again or if I did would it be decades ahead ? I know of only two other examples. I am aware that this sort of purchase from the likes of me has the impact of hiking prices,  but for a rarity, I believe it's worth it. We are only custodians of these incredible machines and one day someone else will enjoy my collection.

stonethemows Tue, 21/09/2021

I actually agree with all your comments Sean. For a keen collector with the privilege of ability there will occasionally be the special ' must have ' machine. I too have sometimes found myself in this situation, the last occasion probably being the Climax. A single price achieved though does not necessarily establish a market value. Most normal people would consider the price I paid for the Climax silly money for ' an old lawnmower ' but in fact it was quite a lot less than they have sold for in the past. You know the caveat about investments going down as well as up !

My thoughts were more in broad general terms as a cautionary note to newer collectors. My theory is that  there is an over-supply currently of collectable older mowers probably initiated by ' the internet  '.