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Cylinder Grinder

Hello All

Just acquired a cylinder grinder, its NOT 3 phase, hardly 240v may run on a couple of AA's or a hamster!!

Seriously though, would appear to be home made, with a good deal of work having gone into its construction, & I assume quite old, to give an idea of scale, the cylinder shown is 12in.

Have any of you guys come across anything similar or any comments you would like to make, what is the little round disk on the bracket in the 3rd image?




wristpin Sun, 20/12/2015

Wow, that's cool ! 

Someone has put a lot of work into that using what they had around them and give or take a thou here or there it is probably capable of giving a good result on a small cylinder. If you are referring to the disk in right hand image it is an adjustable blade stop to set the amount of relief when single blade grinding. Having some relief reduces the drag of the moving blades passing the fixed bottom blade and also acts as a reservoir for grinding paste when back lapping.

Expect that you could power it with a small electric motor or mount it on an old Singer sewing machine stand and treadle it!

Clive1997 Sun, 20/12/2015

Thanks Angus

Yes the hand wheel did remind me of a sewing machine, so like the idea of a treadle

hillsider Sun, 20/12/2015

That is an interesting piece of machinery as you say it has the look of home brewed about it but if it does the job ok that is all that matters. I am a bit puzzled by the bearing supports though, you will need to experiment with it to be certain that the cylinder is well supported and can't float around as the cylinder is rotated to grind the next blade. I suspect that the machine is designed to grind one blade at a time as Wristpin suggested.

hortimech Mon, 21/12/2015

definitely not a spin grinder, there doesn't seem to be anyway of turning the cylinder. As for accuracy, well as it doesn't seem to be  able to use different bearings and seems to rely on supporting the cylinder shafts, so it isn't going to be that accurate. Whoever made it, certain spent some time on it, probably based it around an old lathe, but yes, I think I have seen that handwheel on a singer sewing machine.