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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Cylinder grinding

I am having a great deal of trouble locating someone who can re-grind my cylinder and bottom blade for an old Webb 18" standard. I live in the Brentwood area of Essex and as the beast weighs around 70Kgs and I don't have a trailer, I would be looking for a pick up/delivery. I don't feel confident in dropping the cylinder out of the main body but could be persuaded with guidance. Any local knowledge out there or advice please? I have used backlapping but in truth the blades are in need of proper attention. It was manufactured in 1966 and looks like it was never really looked after but I've used it successfully for a year or so after some 'fettling'. Thank you

wristpin Mon, 08/05/2017

I have just Googled  mower repairs Brentwood and found Dobson and Co who offer a collection service and in the website image of their workshop I can see an Atterton and Ellis Dual cylinder grinding machine.

suzanne shaw Mon, 08/05/2017

Thanks Wristpin. I'll give them a call. Must have missed it in my searches. Can I claim 'brain fade' despite not being a politician?