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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Cylinder grinding machine wanted

Hi all,  As I near retirement , I would like to go back to my roots and start to refurbish mowers ( crazy as it seems) I used to get considerable satisfaction out of this , and now suffering with a stress related problem , would  now enjoy to start  it again . In my days I used an Atterton and Ellis PILOT machine , it was hand traversed , but I seemed to get on well with it , and it was 240 volt so no issues at home . By chance does anyone have a cylinder grinder for sale ( especially a pilot ) I don't envisage anything bigger than 17 inch cylinders , so a small version machine would be ideal . Also a bottom blade grinder , Again mine was an Atterton and you just slide the blade left to right on a flat bed , both was so user friendly ...anyway I am rambling ... I am away until the 7th April , but feel free to post as I will log in  every few days to check . Any help appreciated , Kind regards

olcadmin Mon, 23/03/2015


By coincidence I received a letter last week from someone who has a grinder they have been using in their business and now want to sell following recent retirement. It's in Devon and they would expect to sell rather than give. If you're interested let me know and I will forward details (as they didn't supply an email address I think it's unfair to add their phone numbers to this site without their permission).


quovadis Thu, 09/04/2015

Hi Paul, Thank you for your reply , I have just got back and read it . Yes, if you could make enquiries for me please it would be appreciated , Do you know if its a Atterton Pilot and single phase ? ... any details appreciated


Kind regards




Ps : Could you enquire if they have any other equipment like a bottom blade grinder etc , to get me going ...kind regards