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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Dennis 36" Mower

Hi All,

I am new to all this after buying a Dennis 36" mower which I think is a 1920's.

I have read on the forum lots of great information, however was wondering why mine has only one hole for the starter handle. Is it an early model, I see the engine number makes it a 1924/5 model?

Dave B

Clive1997 Wed, 03/02/2021

Hi Dave

Have sent you the info direct on dating your mower & finding out a bit more about its history, as discussed, looks to be a 1930 onwards.

olcadmin Wed, 03/02/2021


Please share at least basic information - especially the mower's serial number, and the age when known - so that others can build their knowledge as well.


Clive1997 Wed, 03/02/2021

Yes the actual serial number is 12652 so will be a later mower after they stopped providing the double starting point, the engine number was initially being used to compare with the our website dating grid below, not the serial number. Suggested dropping an email to Dennis UK for full info from their archive where they have details of post 1928 mowers,  hopefully who sold to & the actual date.


Bridgeee13 Wed, 03/02/2021

Thanks Clive you have been very helpful, I will e mail Dennis and send thru any information I get. Thanks again.


olcadmin Wed, 03/02/2021


Thanks for clarifying. Will be interesting to see what transpires from our friends at Dennis.

wristpin Wed, 03/02/2021

If along the line there is any information regarding when the Zs switched from a dry rear roller to the oil bath type it will help me date my 30” which my Dad bought new but it’s lost it’s ID plate along the way. I was always under the impression that it is pre WW2 but some recent information suggests the it may be post war. I did ask the question on the forum  a while back but answer came there none.

Clive1997 Wed, 03/02/2021

Couple of questions Wristpin, does yours have pram handle? Any chroming on tank bands & clutch levers?

wristpin Wed, 03/02/2021

Yes, pram  handle that was chromed and tank bands, likewise. Two crank positions, Binks carb with rudimentary gauze air filter. Originally a dry rear roller but I salvaged an oil bath one from a scrap machine.

Clive1997 Wed, 03/02/2021

I was trying to figure out this extract from Tony Hopwood's (our late Dennis expert) notes........

In general, the machines changed little in the 1930s with a 36 inch being introduced in 1939 and chrome plating appearing on the clutch levers, control rods and tank bands as well as the pram handle which replaced the wooden sided handles in 1936.

Other changes to be noted are the disappearance of the high speed crank handle shaft through the oil tank and the moving of both starting handle points on to the engine crankcase. 

hdtrust Wed, 03/02/2021

Dear Dave B,Clive 1997,OLC Admin, and Angus

Sat here on a chair next to me are the original index's for dating Dennis's,I managed to retrieve them from Dennis of Guildford in 1978.For every ones information the Index's never showed the purchasers,the only way that could be found is if the mowers went back for servicing at Dennis,but allas I do know all those records were destroyed in 1979 by my contact who worked there.

Ian at Dennis's (Goddard Engineering) is normally very helpful,but you suggest he has dating information post 1928,then it will only be copies of what we hold.

The serial number you are quoting No 12652 from the records has an S2 Dennis engine and was sold late 1937

At any event as I'm sure Keith will agree a picture would be most helpful.

Angus send me the number of your machine

We house many archives here at the Hall & Duck Trust,on many companies,all you have to do is ask politely

Andrew Hall

Archivist The Hall & Duck Trust

Bridgeee13 Thu, 04/02/2021

Hi Andrew, 


I have attached some pictures on the Member Showcase, to hopefully help.



Bridgeee13 Fri, 05/02/2021

Thanks to Andrew for your help dating it as a Feb 1938, its old enough to get a Covid jab. Thanks again.