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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Dennis factory

Excited anticipation of what's contained  within the grass box mag that greeted my feet when I stepped through the door today. Another wonderful read of interesting stories and great photos to accompany them. Then I see the little notice of the Dennis Factory visit for the 2nd May which I would have loved to have attended. Surely the only way to find out about the factory visits cannot be 7 days after the visit has taken place. Can someone confirm if this date is correct please.  I've scanned the website for any news on the matter but cannot find confirmation. 


stonethemows Thu, 09/05/2019

 I can confirm that the visit did indeed take place last week. The idea has been in the air for quite some months and it was initially announced in the last issue of Grassbox ( 106 ) where Members were invited to register their interest. Subsequently people were emailed when details had been finalised. Sorry you missed it.



Lee Smallwood Thu, 09/05/2019

Ah, now I realise my mistake of not registering my interest, gutted I missed it.

olcadmin Sat, 11/05/2019

Details of the visit were included in the email newsletter sent to all members with an email address on 7 December and 25 March as well as in the previous GB, with the request each time to register interest in the visit. The original poster should have received all of these.

Regrettably, because of delays at the printer beyond our control, the new GB was out two or three weeks too late.

Lee Smallwood Sat, 11/05/2019

No worries, I'll pay more attention to emails in future. My fault entirely. See you all next weekend.