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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


I was alerted to this mower by another member. I hadn't really heard of the Eden before so was intrigued. The Eden (SIF) was manufactured by Suffolk Iron Foundry in c.1938. It is a roller mower and  was of advanced design. It would have sold in greater numbers had WW2 not got in the way and it was not produced after. Whilst not the rarest mower it is certainly scarce hence the reason I wanted to add it to my collection so it is safe and preserved. Fortunately and amazingly it came with instruction and parts/ price list. I think you'll agree it's in nice original condition albeit some paint has been retouched some time ago. Incredibly when I collected it, the guy who gave it to me said he was going to take it to the tip if there were no takers. I wonder how many rarities end up that way ?


hillsider Mon, 06/12/2021

The Eden as a very good save, I have not seen one of those before. I have a Hayn and a JP Maxees that were tip rescues.

Messorestore Tue, 07/12/2021

A JP Maxees is always a good save but the Hayn is rather special. Nutt made very good mowers. Yours looks like a quite wide cut. Is it 14" or 16"

hillsider Thu, 09/12/2021

I will check with a tape measure when I am next in the shed but I am sure it is either 10 or 12 inches cut.

Some years ago I tried to I tried to find some information re Nutt Engineering but apart from a patent for building an electric motor into the rear roller I drew a blank.