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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Eden better than before.

When visiting family for a weekend to Pulburough last year, the misses went to the beach and I took a twenty minute drive to visit Clive and his museum, wonderful, but what was more wonderful was the 3 mowers I came away with, an automaton minor, an early Ajax and a Suffolk Eden. I was over the moon, (Faye wasn't). 


So I had another Suffolk to add to the collection, one I'd never heard of, and one without an engine to cause me a headache, happy days.

It's been on the bench for the past three weeks, stripped, sanded, painted and today finally put back together. 

It is by far my favourite mower in my collection, and I hope I did it justice with my limited skills, looking forward to the meet at Milton Keynes where I'll be displaying all my machinery from SIF, along with a few bits (non mower related) that they produced.