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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Fault finding on a later Villiers engine.

A friend gave me this brute back in the '90's, not a lot of compression there which turned out to be the common fault of the exhaust valve stuck partially open, before stripping out the carb. out I checked for a spark, there was none at all, a check with the ohmmeter identified the high tension windings in the ignition coil to be the cause. They were at infinity, or an open circuit. I'm now looking for a new coil or maybe another complete magneto, whichever turns up first or proves the cheapest route.

The good thing about this is decent bearings and lack of abuse or rust etc.

DJD Thu, 25/02/2021

The " lack or abuse or rust etc." was pertaining to the magneto, not the engine! 

Forgot to download and use Google browser, Firefox is not 100% compatible here. One pic didn't come out also.

wristpin Thu, 25/02/2021

Is the laminated armature permanently bonded into the coil? If not, what are it’s dimensions?