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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Fine turf mower purchase

I picked up these two yesterday, both will get full restoration, sadly no boxes so I'll be on the lookout for a couple

AUTO CERTES 1 Mon, 28/12/2020

Hi Pandawill

Do post lots of pics of your restorations   It's always nice to see before and after photos etc. If it's any help the Certes mk 10 you have would of had a hammertone sliver finish on the aluminium parts and a good match for the green parts is Smith and Allan tractol 329 Ransomes Green M39. 
I will be putting a 16" Certes grassbox on eBay soon if you're interested.

Will Mon, 28/12/2020

Yes please! I also need a throw plate at a glance.

Thanks for the details of the finish, that's very much appreciated.

i will certainly keep a record of the restoration and post pics, but there's a jp Super in the queue first. I'm in the process of finishing off my garage / workshop space and then I can crack on.

thanks again,


Will Mon, 28/12/2020

As luck would have it I've just bought the Ransomes green paint :) I've used Tractol paints on a tractor previously and always found them to be good quality



AUTO CERTES 1 Tue, 29/12/2020

I do have a couple of thrower plates but I don't want to sell them. An alternative is to cut some aluminium to size and put a smooth curve in it. Then paint it green! Job done. 

Edda Tue, 29/12/2020

I made a couple out of stainless steel for my two Certes 14 inch and one for my 16 inch. To get the correct curve and the fold on the end I used a Brake Press.

I also had copies of the original drawings of the wheel carriers, these were also made out of Stainless steel.

Will Wed, 30/12/2020

Thanks for the replies guys.

@autocertes please could you let me know when you put the box on ebay?

many thanks