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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Finished Atco Standard Framework



We say renovating  an old lawnmower is a labour of love, We also take into account that to bring back an old mower to a working condition may not give you a cash return, nevertheless we do it anyway with pride because it would sit well in your own collection.

I have gone as far as I can with this Atco Standard given the limitations bestowed upon me at a bare minimal cost which does not include the man hours, grass box, Cylinder blades and the Engine unfortunately but I have enjoyed every waking hour during the last month of being furloughed and making notes on sections which need to be addressed in the hope it will be once again fully restored in the near future by its current owner.

I need a break and no doubt start to get itchy fingers to tackle a favourite of mine, The Side wheel Lawnmower sooner that I would like, in the meantime I hope the work shown in the pictures meets your approval.

Lee Smallwood Thu, 16/07/2020

Very good, like you say, hopefully current owners can finish the job, mine is in the back of my mower house) it's a garage really, but it houses my collection) waiting for me to get up the courage to take it on, I keep taking the easier option and bringing home a little push mower to mess about with, soon I'll run out of those and have to tackle the larger machines GULP!! 

Adrian Thu, 16/07/2020

I think that's a pretty damn decent job in the circumstances  - well done! Fingers crossed that one day it's owner comes over to the dark side and wants it to run.

John.Sutherland Fri, 17/07/2020

In the beginning, I was taken back by the size and a little worried, I thought "What have I taken on" but lots of photos of  each section and parts alleviated the stress.

I received some support from my neighbour, he did some welding - Reformed a mangled heavy duty bolt from the side frame while his friend repaired the split bolt holes on The Fan Guard.

I am pleased to have found someone selling an Atco branded paint very close to the colour this Lawnmowers original green which was a good start but a little costly, however the end result mattered more to me.

All in all, it was a great project and a learning curve during my time furloughed from work and finished in good time, I return to work on Monday to a brand new world of Do's and Do Nots, I would rather tackle another Standard if I had the same amount of time to play with.

I am sure once you get started with your Atco, it will not be as bad as you think and on completion you can marvel at your achievements,  

John.Sutherland Fri, 17/07/2020

I will try and persuade  his Mother in Law to take it further than just a piggin garden ornament as it was her late husbands and possibly his fathers before him, reason enough to get it cutting their large estate once again in our opinion.

You may have noticed, I only painted the one of the drive cog's red, that's because it was the only part not green and  so I kept to the original colour scheme rather than paint other sections red compared to some similar Standards marking dangerous moving parts. 

There certainly was a few challenges along the way, I knew it was not going to be plain mowing but like you say it looks pretty good and for me its a great achievement in an area larger than those lawnmowers i am familiar with.