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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

FOLBATE J1 refurb.

This is not a restoration because:

a) I did not like the original shade of green.

b) It is not rare and therefore worthy of restoring to original.

c) I wanted to do my own thing with it anyway.

d) I had an unopened tin of a 'quite nice' colour Hammerite Smooth.

Before and after pictures:  The bottom blade needs to be replaced.  I have some steel sheet of the right thickness to make one but have, as yet, been unable to remove the retaining screws.  A job for later. The 'new' rear roller has been temporarily borrowed from my similar Suffolk Sidewheel






hdtrust Sun, 11/02/2018

Well done I like it!

Just one thing is it going to be an ornament or a useful asset to cut grass, because if its the latter, you need to remove the paint from the wheel grips, as she will slide on the lawn!

Harvey Mon, 12/02/2018

Thanks HD,

Good point about the wheel grips although they were originally painted but I guess the Hammerite could be a bit slippery.

No, not intended for use. I don't really like sidewheels ....( this is actually my wife's mower ) I have a selection of hand / push 'roller' mowers for cutting the lawn.