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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Forum improvement

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  • Is anybody having same problem with the website as me? Maybe the Russians have hacked in again. When I use the forum mostly its great and works fine but every time there’s a response from an HDtrust, the information, accuracy and detail they post  is mind blowing but then I get this completely unrelated  high pitched noise of self opinionated, self congratulatory, rude  diatribe.  There must be a fix because I understand other members have experienced this in the past. Appreciate any suggestions ASAP, it really is spoiling my OLC user experience. (-:  

hdtrust Fri, 11/12/2020

Hi there Mike,I take it like me you are a straight talking Yorkshireman,and don't suffer fools gladly.

This site on the whole is brilliant,where those in the know can help those who need it,there are some fantastic characters in this club,a total cross section of the vintage movement,also to include like myself members from the profession of Horticulture,Groundsmanship and we even have a past chairman who was a territory Manager for Bernhards (cylinder grinder makers) for the West Coast of USA,now retired,but volunteers as Manager of The Hall & Duck Trust.

Oh dear sorry to mention that tag again.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing but in this profession it has been lost so many times in the past,when companies have gone to the wall or old Sid in the corner is no longer there.

On the flip side a little knowledge can be very dangerous,and the problems of these type of forums can be that sometimes members writings can be taken different ways,and not the way they were intended,and as we all know by that time,it is out there in the ether.

Equally slating a Professional organisation is most certainly not the way to go!

This club also has more than its fair share of authors,which again unusual but can be used to good effect,as long as the findings are correct,and in all the bibliographies the sources are given and thanked.

Books can be expensive,so we decided that the way we went was directly on the net,so our history of this fantastic subject can be found free of charge via our web site 

I hope this brings some faith back to you in this most wonderful club

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Hall,Trustee,The Hall & Duck Trust