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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Green's Zephyr Push Mower(s)


I am currently attempting to find out what year my Green's Zephyr mowers were manufactured (I have two 12" models and a 14" model.) There are numbers stamped on the Thrower Plates but whether these would identify the year of manufacture I don't know.

I bought a book entitled  'The History of Thomas Green and Son Limited' by John Pease in the hope of a possible lead but sadly nothing.

Can anyone perhaps help me out?

Appreciate any info received.




Mower1 Sun, 18/03/2018

I have an Greens  Zephyr (12” 8 Blade Model) The number on the thrower plate reads 23587/1, so not sure if that’s a date code or simply a part number.