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Grinding wheel for FH1 blade grinder


I don't suppose anyone has a grinding wheel for an FH1 grinder or know where i can get one.


hillsider Thu, 26/11/2015

My suggestion would be to track down the makers of the machine and source from their parts department. Alternatively if you are certain of the type, size and specification of the wheel an engineering supply company such as Cromwell Tools or directly to a wheel manufacturer such as Norton Abrasives - both can be found via the internet.

wristpin Thu, 26/11/2015

FH1 , who made that and are you talking cylinder grinder ?

Try  Joe Herriotte at  Churchill Tools and Abrasive Wheels  Ltd.

01642 872039.   07949215410

He supplies wheels for most lawnmower cylinder grinders and industrial kit as well.