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Hi all

I recently acquired a Hayter ambassador for restoration. Stripping fuel system down at mo. Found fuel filter needs replacing. Somebody online says I can use a qualcast classic filter but all I've found is inline ones. Any ideas please. Also can you still get the carb gaskets and carb exploded drawings please.

hortimech Sun, 26/01/2020

Well, that answers your other question, you have a Briggs & Stratton engine, so your Champion sparkplug could be CJ8 or J19LM.

To get the correct parts (which should be obtainable), you will need to find the Model, Type & Code, these should be stamped into the airshroud, usually adjacent to the sparkplug or down the side.

Posting a picture of your machine will help identify which version you have, Hayter made quite a few different versions over the years ;-)

wristpin Mon, 27/01/2020

I'm guessing that it has a rigid metal pipe connecting to the carburettor? What is the problem with the tap? If it's just leaking, you can undo that hex and fit a new packing or O ring around the tap plunger. However if it had a threaded spigot for the fuel pipe union and that has been snapped off a new tap body will be needed which, depending upon your BS model number, may now be obsolete. Plenty of after market pattern taps are available but they all seem to come with a barbed fitting for flexible plastic pipe.