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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Hellloooo All...

Hi all... just a quick post from a new member....  :)

I am new to the world of vintage lawn mowers, my normal interests lie with older and classic cars, mainly Rovers and Morris Minors (I have a few)..

My background is Royal Navy, an Aircraft Engineering Artificer. I now work at Perth college in Scotland as a lecturer.

Anyway - Lawnmowers...  I now have obtained a couple of old Lawn mowers which I look forward to getting back to their former glory - a Ransomes Ajax Mk4, and an Atco 14 with a villiers engine, unsure as to the date of the Atco yet, I think its 40's? - I will get some pics up once they are both out of the car. 

- I intend on using both once sorted. :)

I have to say - this forum and club seems to have a wealth of knowledge. I have been browsing over the last week, loads of fab and interesting information - thank you!

And I look forward to getting to a some events etc and contributing where I can.

Kindest regards,



Clive1997 Mon, 12/08/2019

Hello Kevin

Welcome to the forum & hopefully to membership of the club.

You will certainly be looked after by the many contributors to this site, as you suggest images of the Atco will help in dating it, the Ajax Mk 4 was made between 1958 & 1964, that would sit well with a Morris Minor!!

Cheers for now.

kbonney88 Tue, 13/08/2019

Indeed it will Clive... and thanks for the welcome... and yes to membership too.. 

Can the Ajax date be narrowed down even further? I assume not?

The Atco is still in the boot of the car at the mo. It fits nicely in a Rover 75 estate.. :)

Clive1997 Tue, 13/08/2019


You assume right re dating the Ajax, only if you are lucky enough to have the original purchase receipt/invoice.

kbonney88 Tue, 27/08/2019

Hi again all,

Been meaning to get some pics up of the ATCO and Ransomes, but as we are moving house over next few week I have decided to leave them "packed" in the boot of the 75. So........

in the meantime I "rescued" 3 other mowers.. a Folbate J1, a Ransomes Conquest and a Qualcast Panther... 

I used the Panther the other day to cut the lawn, which it did well.. well chuffed...

anyway - see pics of the Panther attached.. Am I right in thinking its an early model? It has wooden handles fitted - what year did they change over to rubber ones?

By the way - where can I get transfers for this model ? I notice that the box transfer is different to the one listed on the site. And is the transfer for the chain cover the same?

I will attach pics of the other mowers when I can.. :)

Kindest regards,




Clive1997 Tue, 27/08/2019


From my research the hand grips change from wooden to rubber in 1950, 1st year i have found reference or images depicting them.

As to transfers on the box, I am wondering if the transfer on this website is for the Superlite Panther? (Perhaps the shop-keeper can check it out)

From my records when the Panther was introduced in 1931 & during the 1930's, catalogues depict a more simplified version of the one you have.

Yours is certainly displayed later in 1940's & 50's both with wood & rubber hand grips.

By 1959 the transfer is quite basic just italic words in red/white Qualcast- Ball Bearing-Panther, this format continued on the 1960's Super Panther.

The chain cover transfer seen with your design of box transfer is similar design to that on this site, but I believe a much paler green background.

I hope that doesn't confuse the issue too much!

kbonney88 Tue, 27/08/2019

Hi Clive.. and thanks... 

and no - it all makes sense.. its a mass produced Mower after all..

also - I have seen a pic of an early one somewhere with the the paler chain cover ?? will look for it..

will email the shop keeper asking about the transfers.. see what he says.. 

Kindest regards,

Kevin  :)


OLC Shop Tue, 27/08/2019

The ' Shop Keeper ' says : this is not one of our stock items, everything that is generally available is shown in the catalogue. However I have looked through our archives and it could be your lucky day as I found what I think you are requiring, rather to my surprise.

This looks to me as though it could be a Manufacturers original rather than a later copy. If you would like a copy I will ask our supplier if one or more can be readily reproduced.

As for the chain case transfer we will need to explore this further; maybe Clive can assist with a clear illustration.

On a point of interest I see that it is stylistically similar to the Qualcast Sixteen transfer of broadly the same period.

Clive1997 Tue, 27/08/2019

Excellent work Colin, & a shop that's open all hours!

Will email details of the chain cover one I have which is good definition for copying..

Perhaps we can then get a set together, I will work on the dates & let you know


kbonney88 Wed, 28/08/2019

Yes please and many thanks Colin.. and very many thanks again to you too Clive.. that would be great.. 

There is a wealth of knowledge and help on here.. great stuff.. :)

Dibleydog Tue, 05/05/2020

Hello everybody, I too am new to the club and still looking around. I am a retired Plumber living in South West France but when I relocated I made sure I took my mowers with me. I have two Hayterettes from the 1970s and a Suffolk Colt that my mother bought back in 1966. All in full working order. I also have a modern ride on and a modern self-propelled to do the actual grass cutting. Anyway, thanks for letting me join and I hope this is the start of a long and fruitful association.