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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


Hi everyone - my name is Richard and I'm new around here. 

I'm a bit of a retro-fan, working in the soulless world of IT as a tech, I relax by working on old stuff with my hands. 

I have restored old Brit and Japanese motorbikes and watches and I'm currently restoring an old table saw which I plan to use cutting firewood, possibly powering it from a stationary engine. 


All of which brings me to this forum. I will be taking delivery of a new shed/workshop in a month or two and at that time I intend to find a mower with issues, which I can restore. Nothing too huge (although our garden is quite large) but it does need to be self-propelled. 

Still, that's for the future. For now, I'm on a learning curve. 

Thank you for allowing me in!


Clive1997 Thu, 13/08/2020

Hello Richard

Welcome to the forum, new workshop sounds exciting, in noting your location we do have keen members near to you who I am sure will help you source a suitable mower, note that in addition to a workshop a storage  shed is requied as it often starts with one mower & then expands!!

Good luck & welcome to the hobby.

DickBrowne Sun, 16/08/2020

Hi Clive

Thank you for both the welcome and the warning. Funnily enough, the Rev. Mrs. Browne is having a summerhouse built... I wonder what my chances are???