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Hello and help identifying Webb push mower

Hi. New member here. Hello!

Can anyone please help my identify the model and age of my recently acquired Webb mower?

Having browsed the forums, I think it may be a Webb Wasp, but it just says "The Webb" on the grass box, so I'm not certain. It's got a 12" blade and straight handles. The roller is smooth, and it has rubber hand grips. 

I suspect it has been repainted in a lighter green than the original at some point. 

It seems to cut really well! 

Thanks very much, 




Clive1997 Sun, 13/06/2021

Hello David

Welcome to the forum, it does look to be a Wasp which did have smooth roller, 6 blade cylinder of 12in & on early models up to the 1950's, straight handles, 1959 brochure shows cross-over handles.

A couple of things that interest me are the ribs on the outer edge of the handles, not the usual flat steel, out of the many Webb's I have seen I have only come across this on two Whippets, I am also not familiar with the style of rubber hand grips which mimic the earlier wooden ones in shape, later machines certainly with the cross-over handles had rubber grips with indentations for your fingers.

The wording on the grass box 'The Webb' is shown in 1959, earlier models being plain or just the word 'Webb'?.

As you can see in lacking a full run of brochures its difficult to date precisely, but I would think probably 1950's. 

If the original chain cover transfer is under the paint you may be able to see a mark or series number.

Hope that helps.


Dabberdave Mon, 14/06/2021

Thanks very much Clive. Very helpful. I'll try to see if there's anything left under the chain cover paint at some point. Cheers.