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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Hello, from Cambridge

Hello Everyone,

Thought I should introduce myself and why I have come to the world of old lawnmowers. Probably should have done this first, rather than just posting in Technical and asking for help straight away.

After years of pushing around modern produced mowers, and having to replace them every 4~5 years because they fall apart, and are not really servicable. I have decided to bin the current Wolf (picture attached).

And have treated myself to a Ransomes Ajax Mk3, that needs a little TLC, but overall seems in good working order.

Just need to have a sympathetic clean-up and oil / grease, and locate a replacement pair of front roll carriages.


Christopher Hulme.


Clive1997 Mon, 11/06/2018

Hello Chris


We have spoken, will be in touch soon, I have the brackets, how are you wooden rollers? as also have them.


135sport Tue, 12/06/2018

Hello Clive,

No great rush with the brackets, I appreciate your help with sourcing them. I can survive a few more cuts with the current mower.

But a new set of rollers would be good too. The existing ones can be described as used and neglected, in equal measure, I think.

I have seen some discussions as to which Ajax Mk had which size and combination of rollers. Mine has 4x rollers of equal length. I am not sure if that is correct for a Mk3 (I believe it is, looking at the parts pdf), but am happy to take guidance if my current arrangement is incorrect.

Thank you.