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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Hi Everybody

Hello All, just thought it would be polite to introduce myself, I usually frequent motorcycle related forums as my main interest is in restoring and building motorcycle, but I may have caught the Lawnmower Bug.

I recently decided to replace my clapped out Flymo as it has given up the ghost and while searching for a replacement I came a cross an old Webb Battery Electric De Lux 14" on eBay and I thought it was worth a punt.

I must say I've not been disappointed, just gave it a clean, oiled the chains, replaced the rollers with a couple of drilled out rolling pins and put a new battery on it and bingo a smashing lawnmower for less the cost of a half decent new one and cyclinder mower to boot.

I'll have a few more questions to ask a little later but for now I would be interest to know its age.





Clive1997 Sun, 19/07/2020

Hello & welcome to the forum as to date depends which model but some guidelines below...

Model all 14in De-Luxe

206     1960  CAV Motor 

215    1961 Lucas Motor 

218    1962

235    1963

247    1964  Lucas/Siba Motor

254    1965 2 speed Siba Motor

I'm not sure where the model number was???

Hope that helps, you now need to collect the whole set, there are about 20 different Webb Battery models !!!!

JonnyHonda Sun, 19/07/2020

Thanks Clive,

The sticker on the back says 254, so I guess it was born around the time I was then,

Clive1997 Sun, 19/07/2020

That's good, looks like they continued to 1971 when superseded by a belt drive model No. 296 which was fitted with a quickly removable cutting cylinder & single 60amp/hour battery. I have dug out the instructions for your model, bit moth eaten & chewed like us all!! but readable.