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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

In a high state of Excitement - uncommon JP Monarch 14" acquired


Just a quick posting to advise that I acquired a JP Monarch 14" hand push mower, complete with box and 2 original manuals.  See pictures.  This is an uncommon model and talking to Henry Ellis he has only 1 record of a serial number for this model in more than 10 years of collecting them.

The serial is 2E CFH No 1 which dates it to 1957.  The box is a different colour to the main mower and falls into an increasingly recorded colour scheme for the period from 1955-1959.  Similar coloured grass boxes have been noted on Maxees 12, Maxees 2 and JP Minor MK2's

Everything on the mower is original and it has had one owner since new. Interesting points to note are

1.  Black knob - indicator of before 1960

2.  Thick blades

3.  Spiders on the cylinder blades are different to later models.

4.  Oval John Bull handgrips

5.  Different coloured grass box

All in all an uncommon mower in good original, albeit rusty condition after being stored in a barn for 16 years.

Triumph66 Fri, 07/06/2019

Great find and gone to a true JP enthusiast too! 

Looking forward to updates as and when you commence its rejuvenation.