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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Home made mower tools.

Two very simple ones here, simple that is if you can weld or have the help from your local friendly welding person/business. The blue one with a sprocket on is composed of a piece of 3/4er by 3/4er Qualcast Concord type tubing for the handle, a sprocket similar to the one I wanted to remove, ( Atco? Ransomes? Webb? it had a left handed thread) plus two short bolts welded into chain sprocket grooves to make a really sound and sturdy job, a piece of bar etc about half an inch thick can also be inserted into the open far end of the square tube for extra oomph.

The second one is simply a bit of 3/4er internal steel tube/conduit with two bigish bolts welded on one end in appropriate places, this is good for undoing other tight things and for bending wire and small pipes etc. again, a piece of bar can be inserted into the end for extra leverage.

Thirdly, but not lastly is a very useful tool I find, it's simply a piece of steel plate about an eighth or maybe a bit more thick, about two inches wide and as long as it needs to be, a foot should be plenty. I cut the slot with a hacksaw about thirty years ago, which then allowed me to insert the ends of single cylinder mower blades into it and gently bend them straight again. How folk can bend a cylinder blade so badly, then carry on trying to cut grass with that clatter going on defies logic, in my book. 

The three holes in a triangle enabled me to use this tool to remove a certain Stihl chainsaw flywheel or clutch drum, 041? 050? 056?Sorry I can't remember now.

A slightly better picture I hope.