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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Husky Dux

Not the rarest thing in the world but collected it on the way home from work today. If anyone has one could they help me out with a few questions I have,

Is there supposed to be a rear roller on the back, quickly looking over it, the bottom blade carrier surely doesn't run across the ground, some pics of others would help, the bottom blade carrier has two holes either end, is this for roller brackets? Again pictures would help me getting these made. 

Also, both rubber band type tyres have broken, although I like the smooth look of the wheels I doubt it would be much good sliding over the lawn, any ideas where to source these. Other than that I'm happy, it's a 10 inch dux minor I bought for the misses, she doesn't know it yet. 

Clive1997 Tue, 12/05/2020

Hi Lee

Have a few of these lying around so plenty of spares, but probably not too many tyres! will take a look next time I'm at the storage


Clive1997 Wed, 13/05/2020

Not officially. it will become an on/out access through to the food hall from today when the garden centre re-opens so no stopping  to look!!

Lee Smallwood Wed, 13/05/2020

Won't be long. 

Here are some photos for reference on the Dux, if someone can point out anything else that's missing. 

Oh, look what washed up on Clevedon beach today. Any guesses to what is.

Lee Smallwood Wed, 13/05/2020

Going to have a look for it tomorrow, a mate sent me the photos and told me where it is, I have mowers in worse condition in my collection. 

I fancy taking up magnet fishing, maybe bring up a budding original from the canals around stroud, they must be hiding somewhere. 



Clive1997 Wed, 13/05/2020

By a strange coincidence, our local beach in Lancing was closed for a while today when a rusty object was washed up, then blown up by the bomb squad!

Clive1997 Wed, 13/05/2020

Looking again at the beach mower,. the shape reminded me of something, this is one I spotted at an auction, I did buy quite a few that day but think I had to let this one go! Its 'The Gamage' but would have been made by another mower manufacturer? There is a definite likeness.

hdtrust Wed, 13/05/2020

Hi Lee

You might have a slight problem magnet fishing in the canal near to where they built Buddings.I should re check your maps.As the canal was built on,also the land at the back of the foundry was built up using metal slag! Now that would be interesting using a magnet.My preferred tool would be a JCB with backhoe!

Best Andrew

stonethemows Thu, 14/05/2020

Clive and I were a bit confused initially by the ' Husky ' , I nearly skipped over the post thinking it was to do with an American garden tractor or something. Perhaps a lesson for younger generations  ! This presumably the model in question :

When I picked it up I was horrified to find that one of the tyres had split and came off. This must be a common problem. Until we moved three odd years ago this machine had been in regular use on a small, irregular shaped, bit of rough grass ( front lawn ) for which it was ideal. My partner Celia also used to use it - it is her favourite !

There isn't a rear roller, the cutting height is ' adjusted ' by the height at which the handle is held. As far as a replacement is concerned I would think spares are non-existent. I'm hoping to be able to glue the broken tyre, the other appears sound. Faced with them missing I would try fixing an old piece of bicycle tyre.


Front of the machine showing the safety  bar that stops one falling into the cutting cylinder in motion.

I can't offer any explanation for the holes in the blade carrier, to the best of my knowledge there is nothing missing.

Lee Smallwood Thu, 14/05/2020

That's great, and thank you for the images, much appreciated. I've had the same thoughts regarding glueing the tyres back on, but I like the idea of finding an appropriate piece of tyre for the fix. They are great little mowers. 

stonethemows Sat, 16/05/2020

I notice one has just been newly listed on eBay, with splits in the tyres, so no point in buying that ! This rather confirms my suggestion that this is a common problem with this model. So far my repair using outdoor silicone sealant seems to be holding and should be good enough for display purposes at least. Hopefully actual use as well, time will tell.

Lee Smallwood Sat, 16/05/2020

Thanks Colin, just took a look, right about the tyres, I have a rubber manufacturer in town, I may have a chat with them about costing the tyres, won't be for a while but I'll keep you posted. If more cost effective I may get a bucket load done. 

hillsider Sat, 16/05/2020

The tyres on the DUX Minor in my collection has perished tyres also so good luck with getting some made at reasonable cost, alternatively it will be one of the heavy duty black mastic sealant/adhesives.

Lee Smallwood Wed, 27/05/2020

Thanks arnk, I'll consider that option,  I'll try and find a tyre off a shelf, or get them  manufactured first. But then again, the drive across the country and the purchase price would probably be more financially viable than the latter. Loads of projects on the go, its taken a back seat(for now)