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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

I found Clives secret stash!

Well that was an eye opener! I now know a Certes is too wide to be useable on my lawn, but for the right price will be on my restoration list.

A few mowers caught my eye and some were models I would never have considered as a restoration project, those were the metal wheel mowers with big wooden handles, I think to red green mower and a lovely varnished handle would look great. The other was in the museum, a brand new boxed petrol mower that had sat in a garage for 37 years. The thing is I'm like James May with his vintage toys, he wants to see them used not sat in a box, but once used it's no longer brand new.

The other type of mower that interested me were the really narrow ones, as I have a lot of wall and fence to mow up against would one of those be useful as an edger? In the stock photo below there appears to be a narrow ransomes and I have no idea what that style of mower is called, edging mower, finishing mower?

Finally there were the huge petrol mowers, good grief they are BIG. Was an interesting trip out. I'm going to look for a mini kids mower or a metal wheeled mower I think next.

Was nice to meet you Clive.

wristpin Sun, 29/12/2019

You want BIG?

Somewhere in England

Warpa Sun, 29/12/2019

Such belt and braces engineering went into these mowers, quite incredible. Not only the design and size of the big ones, but they had to work, and work very well.