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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

I have done it again; I bought a JP Minor Mk2

I spotted this JP locally and thought it would be worth getting as it got a grassbox. Originally I thought I was buying a Maxees Mk3 as the photos were not really in focus plus it was taken in poor light. Anyhow, I braved the atrocious weather to get to Plymouth this morning and bought it for a bargain £10. I can't quite work out the serial numbers stamped on it. I think it begins with 22..... Complete and rolls freely. The rollers needs replacing at some point.

Photos of before and after.

Triumph66 Thu, 29/11/2018

It been very difficult to decipher the serial # but it is believed to have been produced in March 1957. After giving it a good wash I liberally sprayed the mower with WD40. I am very pleased with it.