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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

ID and approx age please ? Qualcast push

once I know what it is , I'll put it in the correct place , thanks

Mother in law (87) decided she wanted a push mower , because Alan Titchnarsh said so ! lol

So we've been looking out for free/cheap ones and got this for free.

I'm guessing I'll get it back to restore when she has got it out of her system !

But I do want to set it up and sharpen it before she has a go



Sorry , there isn't much left of the decal. My best guess is Panther ?











Rich600 Tue, 11/08/2020

I haven't seen any with the wooden handles , or this style bottom blade adjuster ? (is that what it is ? ) which makes me feel its a bit older ?

it cuts well , if I tip it back a bit , so when the WD40 has soaked in , I'll adjust the cut hieght and have another go.




Rich600 Tue, 11/08/2020

oh , and what's the best thing to treat the front rollers with ? I have danish oil if that's any good ? thanks


olcadmin Tue, 11/08/2020

You need to use the method to add pictures explained in the posting page. I can see you've added them as some sort of Google content but that won't work - it's too sophisticated for the CMS system we use to run the site.

Rich600 Tue, 11/08/2020

ok , thank you . it's looks fine this end , so I went with it ! .. I'm just uploading now , thanks again.


Qualcast_1965_… Tue, 11/08/2020

Yes, it is an old Qualcast Panther - a very successful product of theirs.  When I joined them they were selling the Super Panther, which again was a solidly built roller mower with cast iron side plates.

The adjuster you are looking at is used to position the grass delivery plate (the curved plate) that is used to deliver the grass into the grass box.

Qualcast_1965_… Tue, 11/08/2020

Apologies - I always thought that the central knob moved the delivery plate. On this model it must be attached to the bottom blade.  They were not manufacturing this model when I worked there.