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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Info on a Western Auto Wizard

Can anyone give me any information on this mower in the picture I've attached? I know it was sold by Western Auto but I can't find any other information on it. The year it was made and an owner's manual would be fantastic.

Warpa Sat, 21/12/2019

I had a search on the internet but need more info. The ones from the 60s appear to have handles to stear rather than the steering wheel. Width of cut would help and I would have thought there would be a date stamp on the mower or engine somewhere. There are loads of parts schematics and brochures online, just need more help.

Triumph66 Sun, 22/12/2019

It looks like it was modelled on the Mowett Mustang and was probably rebadged to be sold in a low cost garden machinery depots. Probably dated around the 1960s as a rule of thumb.