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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Input on Eclipse Model L

Just picked one up, it disassembling it I found on each side plate there are about 1-/8 holes drilled thru them and into of the side of the steel rod. Then there are pins driven thru the plate and does not allow me the take the side plates off the rod after removing the nuts off the rod.

is this something they did in manufacturing or an after thought ? Sure is a pain to remove pins, I had to drill them out.

Also  does anyone have any info on the colors of this mower? Some one spray painted this one with gold and silver.

I do live in Illinois and might make a trip to Prophets Town and visit their historical society. I understand they have a couple mowers on display. I have read a lot of Eclipse were sent over seas after the war. 

Many thanks for any input

Tom Maloney

Chicago, IlL. USA





wristpin Tue, 10/10/2017

No idea of what you have so a couple of images would be useful.  Are the holes for those locking pins “ through drilled” , if so you should be able to drive them out with the appropriate sized pin punch. If they are blind holes the only course of action is to drill them out ; could be tricky if they are hard pins in an alloy casting.

Bellhead Tue, 10/10/2017

Thanks , here are a couple of pics.the out of shape small hole is from me drilling the pin out.You can see the drilling on the rod. I got it apart but I can't see why they did this , seems it would hinder working on the mower. Thanks for your reply,still looking for a good source on how these old mowers were painted as far a colors




wristpin Tue, 10/10/2017

That's interesting, almost looks as though the pin was a sort of false key to stop the rod rotating . From your original post I had incorrectly assumed  that the pin was at right angles to the rod, not parallel.

Just looked up Eclipse in Jim Ricci's book but unfortunately the two illustrations are Monochrome - no colour!

Bellhead Wed, 11/10/2017

Thanks again. I looked in his book also, guessing if these mowers were early 1900s color pics and print did dot really come about to about 1935 I think. I found this pic from a fellow in Australia, guess you just paint them the way you want