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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Introduction from Surrey member


I thought I’d better introduce myself after lurking for a year.  Have got interested in mowers through trying to resuscitate a Mountfield M4 Major at the community garden and allotments I volunteer at.  It does however seem beyond redemption, at least engine wise. Have purchased another via a well known auction site together with a couple of old Briggs engines, as well as a rough cut mower.  Took one apart to see how it worked as it wouldn’t play ball with me and had to cut some bits off.  Also have bought an Atco 18” rotary, the white & green one.  This has been part dismantled.

Have always fancied a ride on/ride behind mower but never had the grass needed or the storage but may not let that get in the way.  Living near Guildford I suppose it ought to be a Dennis if I do get one.  The other obvious old choice is an Atco Standard just for its looks.

Have watched quite a few of Taryl Fixes All’s videos on YouTube which are both amusing and informative, and have taught me quite a bit.

Other interests are railways and Land-Rovers.