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Italian Made MAC fiberglass body mower with Aspera Tecumseh 2 Stroke

Hello, new to the Forum. Recently acquired a unique power mower. MAC with fiberglass body and Aspera motor. Looking for information and anyone else who may own one. Have always enjoyed older mowers of all types. Please see pictures. Appears to have a throttle for choke and speed control. Thank you 

Adrian Wed, 19/08/2020

Good grief, it's Thunderbird 2 reborn as a lawnmower! I know nossink about it, but that badge on the front is that of the bodybuilders (in car terms!) Carozzeria Touring of Milano. Their trademark Superlegerra designs were of aluminium over a tubular frame, I think, but I s'pose GRP counts.

What a fascinating thing!

wristpin Wed, 19/08/2020

BAmazing. With what looks like an Aspera TA633 2-stroke it must have been a little screamer. Even looks as though the right hand handle bar has  a throttle twist grip - presumably with the cable running down the inside of the handle tube.

AUTO CERTES 1 Thu, 20/08/2020

Superlegerra still make hi end car body's for Alfa Romeo etc check out the Disco Volante it's a stunning work of art. Just guessing but maybe they had some fun with a lawnmower project at some point. If so it probably belongs in the lawn mower museum!  

Chris G Thu, 20/08/2020

That is really interesting. Does it run?

Is it a twist grip throttle ? cable route looks like fun...


Tim D Sat, 03/10/2020

Hello, finally able to get a strong spark for this motor. Since you commented it's a TA633, would you know the oil/mix ratio? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tim

wristpin Sat, 03/10/2020

16:1. Back in the day Aspera / Tecumseh recommended using straight non detergent SAE 30 as a mixing oil  but I don’t suppose that it will come to any harm with a modern two stroke oil.

hortimech Sat, 03/10/2020

Stick to SAE30, the TA633 only had bushes for the main bearings and the seals weren't up to much, so the much thinner synthetic two stroke oil will be much to thin.


hortimech Mon, 12/10/2020

They were used in numerous applications, but probably the largest use was on domestic Flymo hovermowers.