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JP Matchless - Glad I mentioned it !!

Hi folks. Apologies for length of this post, hope you stick with it !! Having seen under the JP section of the 'List of Manufacturers' a JP Matchless Side Wheel Mower I thought I would try and get one, as they looked a great little mower. Some time later the Forum topic,  'Annual Auction', led me to say that I would like to come home from the auction with a JP Matchless, but realised that I probably had more chance of coming home with a Unicorn!. Shortly after, an e-mail from Clive told me he might be able to help me out. 3 weeks later after a 7 hour, 400 mile round trip I had myself a 1950 JP Matchless. I must thank, Clive Gravett, Henry Ellis, Mike Floody, John Gregory, Garfitts  and my mate Chris for all their help with the mower. Thanks to Andrew Grout as well for his Annual Auction post as without it, I doubt I would have the Matchless. New Bottom Blade, Rollers, serviced and sharpened, hopefully good for another 70 years. A few photos for you to look at (If I have mastered the uploading of them!!) Cheers. Rob

hortimech Mon, 03/08/2020

My initial thought was 'why has he fitted the handles the wrong way around', but further pictures showed that they weren't, Every other sidewheel  mower I have seen has the roller at the rear, that is at the front. Well, you live and learn ;-)


Clive1997 Mon, 03/08/2020

Fantastic Rob, great to see this particularly rare mower being loved & used rather than left on the shelf as it was with me. 

As Hortimech says, an unusual set up and with only around half a dozen known many collectors probably not aware that JP actually made a side wheel mower.



Henry Ellis Wed, 05/08/2020

Great to see another JP Matchless. As Clive says there are only 6 in my records and they are all 10" versions; there was allegedly a 12" version but I have never seen one. Another 10" was on Australian ebay recently but did not sell - a bargain at £33 asking.