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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

J&P Maxee Lawn Mower


i have an old J&P Maxee lawn mower which I salvaged (with the owner's blessings)  from a skip some 12 or so years ago. Since then it been in the back of my shed gathering dust and the like. I would like to rejuvenate the old beast but I would be interested to know where I can source spares. Does anyone have a grass box for example? Also I need at least one wooden handle from memory. 

I will try and take a photo to ascertain what model it is and to remind myself what needs doing.

if anyone on here are restoring or have restored one, I would be interested to see theirs so I can see what I need to do.

Many thanks



hillsider Tue, 04/09/2018

A photo or two of your mower would certainly help us to confirm the identity of your JP mower, if you look on the frame of the mower usually on the left side near the front roller you should find a serial number. If you post that here we may be able to tell you its build date. 

Re spare parts I am not aware of any one who is breaking JP machines for parts but let us see what you are dealing with and things may become clearer.

Triumph66 Tue, 04/09/2018

Thanks Hillsider. I must drag it out of the shed and take those photos to reacquaint myself with the lawn mower.



Triumph66 Sat, 29/09/2018

At last I managed to drag out the old J&P mower from the shed.  I apologise for the state of my lawn as for the last 4 months we have been besieged by builders who have just completed our extension. I will give the mower a quick clean tomorrow but can report that it rolls freely which is a good omen. 

Triumph66 Sat, 29/09/2018

Logo of J&P. Just out of shot is a horizontal bar near the top between the two handles.


My plan is to strip and re paint it in the original green colour with new wooden handles and rollers plus Decals where appropriate. If anyone got a grass box I would be very interested. 


Triumph66 Sun, 30/09/2018

I have taken some more photos of the mower after I gave it a quick clean and degreasing. I have liberally sprayed all the nuts and bolts with WD40. I could not find any serial # details on the casing unless it has been painted over. I have taken off the chain cover and see that it is an olive green colour. 



Triumph66 Sun, 30/09/2018

hillsider Sun, 30/09/2018

From what is visible in the photos I am not at all sure that your Mower is a Maxees! hopefully you will find some letters and numbers stamped into one of the side plates that will help us to identify it.

Triumph66 Sun, 30/09/2018

Hillsider, I am not sure why I thought it is a Maxee model but I don't think it is from my very rudimentary research in this make.

Clive1997 Mon, 01/10/2018


Done a bit of checking up for you, it is a very early Maxees possibly 1938-1940 when they were first introduced. The serial number was stamped in a different place to later models, it should be on the top crossbar to the right of the centre hand-wheel as you look from the front, it will be very small & probably start with a G followed by two letters & some numbers. Be careful not to grind it away, gentle clean & very fine abrasive should do.

Do you have the grass box, it would have had wooden sides like the later JP Super.

I do have an instruction book for this model which was referred to as the 'Pick-A-Back' lawnmower because of the interchangeable cylinders, when one was being ground you simply slipped in the spare.

Let me know if you find the number & we can then get an accurate date.

Triumph66 Mon, 01/10/2018

Hello Clive,

Many thanks for identifying my lawnmower. So it is a prewar example. I wonder what stories it could tell if it could speak! Anyway, I have just given a very quick and light sandpapering as suggested but could see nothing. I will try again this weekend. I am afraid I have no grassbox with it unfortunately. If anyone got one spare, I would be very interested. I am interested in the owners' manual if it is available?


Thanks Andrew

Triumph66 Thu, 04/10/2018

Great adverts with so much nostalgia. I hope this weekend I will have a chance to examine my JP and find that serial number to ascertain the date.