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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Just inherited my first petrol mower :D

Hi all,

My partners uncle gave me the mower his dad owned back from 1983 (partners granddad). It's a Qualcast Suffulk Punch 35s. It was in a bit of a state but worked (albeit rather spluttery). Decided it would be a good project to restore it back to its former glory :)

Here's a link to the pictures so far >>Here<< (On Imgur)


I've cleaned out the carburetor and put that back together, and now i need to clean up the engine itself as its all full of crap and gunk. Does anyone know if I can use Rust-Oleum Aircraft remover (paint stripper) on the enginge with a brush and then get away with pressure washing any remaining bits off? >>Link to Amazon<< Might need to call to some of the experts at time but look forward to the restoration project as it's my first ever :)



wristpin Sun, 13/03/2016

Welcome to the forum.

Not sure that paint stripper is a good idea, perhaps a degreaser such as Jizer or Gunk would be better.

I think that your machine may be just young enough to have electronic rather than points ignition ( may even have a " a lightening flash" decal in the centre of the recoil starter unit)!but generally not a good idea to direct high pressure water around the back of the flywheel regardless of whether points or electronic ignition.

The drive chain looks quite tight  -  remember that when you adjust the rotating blades ( cutting cylinder) down onto the fixed bottom blade or bed knife the chain adjuster will need to be released to maintain a bit of slack in the chain.

Remember to check the oil level regularly , change the oil annually  and lubricate the chain , cutting cylinder bearings and other moving parts occasionally . 


NinjaMonkey Wed, 30/03/2016

Thanks Wristpin.

I've almost got her stripped down ready to clean up fully. I'm just stuck on a couple bits that I can't seem to get off.. Had to strip a few screws as they were just impossible to get out which will now need replacing.

 Little bit stuck here too.. Need to find a way to un-do those bolts either side to un-do the weight

 Same situation here.. Little bit stumped on how to get rid of them

 I'm not sure on how I can take these bolts off as it just seems to spin the blade around (even when i put a bit of wood in the middle to prevent the blade spinning any further I still can't seem to get it off.

 Bits ready to clean up and re-spray


I've read online that the paint stripper is quite harsh as well so i've decided not to go down that route.. I've seen a lot of people using sand blasting but with bicarb of soda instead. Any recommendations or opinions?

Thanks guys


NinjaMonkey Wed, 30/03/2016

Oh forgot to ask.. Can you recommend what paint to use as well please? There appears to be a bright green (almost lime colour) and a dark green paint. The mower i have is the darker green and I'm not sure if that's "Classic qualcast green" or "qualcast green"

Thanks :)


wristpin Wed, 30/03/2016

Having difficulty in relating your text to the images. If its the big nut (19mm / 3/4) on thr cutting cylinder that's causing you grief you are on the right track jamming the cylinder  - the nut will be tight.

"the weight" , you've lost me there, do you mean the rear roller? It just sits on a dead shaft and slides off with the RH chassis side member removed .

NinjaMonkey Sun, 17/04/2016

Hi all,

Managed to get the last few bits off and have now started to tidy it up. Does anyone know what colour the paint is in th pictures above? It's a dark green but as to the actual colour, i'm not sure.



wristpin Sun, 17/04/2016

Unfortunately the tin that I have just says "New Qualcast Green" with no recognised paint code, but even with my poor eye for colour I wouldn't call it dark green. Its considerably lighter than than the current Hayter, Atco or Ransomes greens.