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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Lloyds edger

Overcome with excitement, as the classified for a Lloyds edger popped up, immediately scanned the forums to see what news and info you friendly folk had on it, from 2013, Wristpins thread on his, paved the way to finding Ransomes made the edger for Lloyds under licence. Another thread from last year, the HD Trust has one, after a short drive over the bridge to Wales I find a beautifully preserved, original condition edger called a Lloyds Pensivania lawn edger. Identical to the Ransomes edger albeit the name plate. I'm overjoyed to own it and apart from a little preserving oil, it's perfect.

Lee Smallwood Tue, 02/07/2019

Will post some images tomorrow. Didn't get to take any when I got home. It's hiding from the misses in the back of the van. Faye's still not on board with the whole mower collecting thing, but she's ok with buying 1 50 pence piece for £7.50 just because it's got a picture of a rabbit on it. "Yes dear they do take up less space", but will it cut the piggin grass? (All 10ft square of it)


Lee Smallwood Wed, 03/07/2019

Smuggled through customs, into the garage for closer inspection, very pleased, a little surface rust on the blades and underneath the frame, apart from that the paintwork is tidy. Handles, apart from damage to the ends, no doubt being dropped a few times, are rot, crack and hole free. 

A label on one of the handle bars, photo included,  can make out a few words, 'Polly' and 'Pennsylvania' which I spelt wrong earlier.

Photos, hopefully.

I'm guessing the blades were never red? 

Clive1997 Wed, 03/07/2019

Nice one Lee, so you edged it passed security, a great find, never seen one myself, be good to see what  the transfer says if any more can be revealed.

Lee Smallwood Wed, 03/07/2019

Hi Clive, I've taken some detailed photos and can see faded letters but nothing that spells anything obvious. Pennsylvania is on there, Poppy and possibly Chelford or Chelmsford, any way if cleaning transfer to make letters visible without destroying? Picking up a Ransomes PGA c1905 in a couple of weeks, will need a gear casing made but will deal with that when the time comes, apparently doable though. 

Happy hunting. Seems a few early mowers are coming out of the woodwork lately, exciting.


Lee Smallwood Wed, 03/07/2019

So a little more information from the label,

I cannot make out any company name or logo, but I have at present

Mr Polly Esq.,

3 Charlton Park Gate, Cheltenham, Glos.