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Looking for manufacture date Of Marquis Mk 2 18 inch


New here . Just Joined. Took an e-mail to another section to work out where to post.

Anyway about 15 plus years ago an old school friend donated to me a Cylinder mower which just about ran.

It was his fathers who had died and mum was moving to a smaller house. After a bit of work on the fuel system it kind of worked.

Used it for a couple of years then the plate that throws the grass forwards into the box rusted away. I then found this site and someone

suggested that I got one made. Umm great idea, then I realised that the company I work for has some excellent Sheet metal workers.

Part made,fitted and worked a treat. Next stop was a cylinder  sharpening. Again used for a season and it again became temperamental.

Machine mothballed in the shed for the next 10 or so years.This was until this year when a friend volunteered to look at the carb etc.

Now it runs and cuts like a dream. My question now if anyone can help is. How old is the poor  thing?

Marquis Mark 2 18 inch.S/N CR2357

Engine Tecumseh Aspira Type 0752 HS30/32112 NO8790512.

I have the original Operators and Illustrated parts list P.E.B. 613 price 2 shillings. Publication number 18924G

The Aspera motors Instruction booklet slightly mouse eaten. Plus the MOD leaflet 7031028.with full parts breakdown.

Spanner to adjust chains

Even if no one can help but they would like a copy of the manuals please contact me.












BOB PRATTT Sat, 23/11/2019

A little disappointing that there are no replies.

Has anyone any idea of any other sources where this information might be available? 



hortimech Sat, 23/11/2019

The problem is that most Marquises were fitted with a Villiers F12 sloper engine, which was later replaced with a Briggs and Stratton. I personally have never seen one fitted with an Aspera engine. As the manual is priced in Shillings, this will mean it was produced before 1971 and as Aspera engines importation only started sometime in the mid 60s, this is probably the nearest you are going to get, provided that the Aspera was the original engine.

gtc Sun, 24/11/2019

Even if no one can help but they would like a copy of the manuals please contact me.

If you have the means and time to scan those into PDF format then, in my experince, Admin will gladly host them in the appropriate section on here.


wristpin Sun, 24/11/2019

The plot thickens!

I've just unearthed an Operator's Manual for a Marquis Mk2 fitted with a Clinton engine. My father had a Mercury with a Clinton in the late 1950s so I would say that on a Marquis it would predate the fitting of an Aspera, which would more or less coincide with Hortimech's date for the appearance of Aspera on the UK market. Also, in the early 60s , I inherited a Webb 24 with a house purchase. it had started life with a Villiers Lightweight but the previous owner had run it short of oil and it had then been fitted with the Aspera. I subsequently fitted it with a 5HP Briggs.

The manual is P.E. 5A. 657 Price 2/- 

Publication No. 19076G  Reprint…