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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

looking for a rescuer - Ransomes 4-stroke Sprite Mark 2 14 inch

I've put this mower under classified for £1 - I am not looking for money it, just someone to take it on which is why I am starting this topic.  It was complete and running but the roller had a rattle.  My husband started this project, dismantled and then put to one side many years ago when higher priorities than garden machinery (cars, bikes, outboards etc) took his attention.  Some of the spares are clearly for a larger machine.  I am pretty sure all original parts are there, plus the miscellaneous spares.  Is anyone interested in taking this on?  I don't want it going to the tip if there is anyone out there who might want it.

Further photos etc on the Classified Ad. page or let me know if you want more info/photos.